Reading List 5/20/2010

May 20th, 2010 by Linda Diep Leave a reply

Celebrities are often a great resource to bring attention to issues in global health. On todays reading list, weve selected a couple articles about some contributions that celebs are currently making to the world of global health, such as Demi Moores lobby efforts to stop sex trafficking, and Carla Brunis (songwriter, singer, and former model) commitment to the Global Fund to fight Aids, TB and Malaria.

Weve also included NTD articles about the newly approved ABBOTT PRISM Chagas test, which will screen for antibodies to Trypansoma cruzi (T. cruzi), and developments on schistosomiasis. We hope you enjoy the reads!

The Celebs Do-Good Friend, Amie Parnes, Politico Carla Bruni helps the Global Fund go viral, Sarah Boseleys Global Health Blog Abbott Receives FDA Approval, Pharmaceutical Online Schistosomiasis: new findings, Paul Chinnock, TropIKA NTDs Among Schoolchildren in Tanzania, Parasites and Vectors


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