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Caucus Expansion Event a Success

October 28th, 2009

This afternoons event to launch the newly-expanded Congressional Malaria and NTDs caucus was a great success.  Representatives from a number of Congressional offices, as well as the NGO and policy communities, attended the briefing and heard from Amb. Mark Green, Kari Stoever, Dr. Christopher King, and Amb. Mark Dybul.  Each of the speakers stressed the importancefor policymakers, for American taxpayers, and for affected communitiesof integrated NTD and malaria efforts, and displayed optimism for the prospects of improved cost-efficiency and measurable results.

Amb. Mark Dybul, Dr. Christopher King, Kari Stoever, and Amb. Mark Green Present at the Congressional Malaria and NTD Caucus Event

Amb. Mark Dybul, Dr. Christopher King, Kari Stoever, and Amb. Mark Green Present at the Congressional Malaria and NTD Caucus Event

As Mark Green noted, Reps. Payne and Boozman certainly arent scoring huge political points at home for doing this [work with the Caucus]so we should support them.  And hes right.  So again, the Global Network would like to extend our deepest thanks to the Caucus Co-Chairs for their leadership on the diseases and for their innovative approach to integrated global health.  Please free to call their offices and share your gratitude as well!

More photos from the event can be found at Malaria Policy Centers Flickr page.  All photos are provided courtesy of Ben Brophy.

Mark Green: We must integrate

October 28th, 2009

mark_green_profileMark Green is the Managing Director of Malaria No More’s Malaria Policy Center in Washington, DC.  He has served as U.S. Ambassador to Tanzania and as a U.S. Congressman.

‘Malaria is deadly and yet we can prevent it with simple and affordable tools if we get them in the hands of the people that need them the most.’ That is a simple statement and it is one that I spend my days presenting. As the Managing Director of the Malaria Policy Center, my mandate is pretty clear, ‘advocate for an end to malaria deaths.’ But in Washington it can be all too easy to focus on a narrow interpretation of that mandate; after all this is a town where people establish careers by defending or championing just one issue. Today in the global health arena we don’t have that option. We must integrate work against a number of diseases to be the most effective and truly change our world.

I have spent a lot of time as a teacher and Ambassador in Africa and one thing I remember is that sick Africans don’t visit different clinics depending on their illness. There are not separate clinics for malaria and river blindness in the most remote of villages. If communities are lucky enough to have even one clinic it must respond to and treat any number of diseases. I think our approach to global health efforts must recognize this and find ways to combine efforts for the greatest impact.

Malaria and neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) are perfect examples of how we can pair efforts and they have seen success individually, showing us that we can realize improved health systems and an end to deaths from disease.

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