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Pilot Case Study: Do Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) Improve access to pharmaceuticals in Uganda?

March 25th, 2011

Check out this interesting recent pilot study from the Global Forum for Health Research, whose goal is to improve public-private collaborations for health.

The UK Department for International Development (The specific remit was to examine issues of ownership, integration, coordination, implementation and impact, with a particular focus on the unique strengths and problems of these access PPPs as distinct from other comparable programs where drugs are competitively procured. Fieldwork visits were made to five districts in Uganda –Hoima, Kampala, Katakwi, Masaka and Soroti – selected on the basis of active implementation of the PPP programs [...]

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Spotlight: Fundación Mundo Sano

March 14th, 2011

FundaciónMundo Sano, established in 1993, is an Argentine non-profit organization that has been engaged in research and strategic development to circumvent the spread of neglected diseases.  Fundación Mundo Sano develops scientific research and direct intervention programs—such as information, prevention, and entomologic control campaigns— within its five headquarters located in the most vulnerable locations of Argentina’s endemic regions.

A multidisciplinary group of professionals –biologists, physicians, anthropologists, and economists among others— have created, managed, and implemented more than  40 projects that work towards comprehending and eliminating tropical diseases like leishmaniasis, malaria, several types of intestinal parasite infections, and leptospirosis.

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Chiapas Receives 5.5 Million Pesos for the Elimination of Neglected Tropical Diseases

February 25th, 2011

Press Release from Inter-American Development Bank:

More than 132,000 people will benefit from a program Inter-American Development Bank(IDB), Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the Sabin Vaccine Institute (SVI) signed with the State of Chiapas to combat some of the worst infectious diseases.

The Chiapas State Government will fight tropical diseases such as trachoma and helminthiasis with $312,000 donated by the institutions and their local counterpart. FEMSA Foundation has also joined this effort and donated $137,520 to the State of Chiapas.

The program endeavors to reduce morbidity and help raise the index of human development in the Southern-most state of Mexico. It plans to ensure compliance with international commitments such as the elimination of onchocerciasis, trachoma, rabies transmitted by dogs, control of diseases like Chagas disease and leishmaniasis, as well as prevention from soil-transmitted helminthiasis. These diseases have detrimental social impacts that include low work productivity and social occlusion.

The agreement on the donation was signed on February 15, 2011. The first project under the initiative to combat tropical diseases will be held in the five trachoma-endemic municipalities of Chiapas: San Juan Cancuc, Oxchuc, Tenejapa, Huixtan and Chanal. This pilot project aims to show how comprehensive and well designed projects can achieve elimination and control of these diseases.

The agreement was signed by the state authorities of Chiapas, State Governor Lic. Juan Sabines Guerrero, the Health Secretary, Dr. James Gomez Montes, the IDB representative in Mexico, Mr. Ellis Juan, the Managing Director of the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases, Dr. Neeraj Mistry, the Director of FEMSA Foundation, Mr. Vidal Garza, and Dr. Humberto Montiel, representing the Pan American Health Organization. Being witnessed by Dr. Margarita Aguilar, PAHO representative in Chiapas.

This first demonstration project will also receive additional resources from the state government to provide clean water and basic sanitation to municipalities. The programs objective is to demonstrate reproducibility in any Latin American country, which will positively impact human and social development in the region.

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Multi-Insect Repellant.

February 15th, 2011

Taken from

Today, Indian-Commodity. com, an online resource for the latest news in the Indian market,  highlighted Indias Defense Research and Development Organizations (NTDs).  These multi-insect repellents will come in the form of cream, spray, lotion, and wipes.  Yesterday afternoon, the company launched the products at a private function in New Delhi, India.  How this product will be distributed and whether this product will be available to those who can’t afford to buy it is still unclear.

Jyothy Laboratories, a product creation and management company based in India, has been assigned the task of developing the technology to manufacture the repellent under the strict supervision of the Indian Defense Ministry.  Today, [they have a] pan Indian presence with brands catering to the needs of consumers across the length and breadth of the nation.

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